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Collection of artwork from Alphachannelings exhitbion “Sex and the Sublime”, August 31st - September 16th.



Art has long explored the construct of human sexuality, it’s fluidity and it’s ever changing expression. As it flows through elusive, transient and at times vexing forms, modern sexuality is morphing and the definition of ‘acceptable’ is altered at an exhaustive rate. Still, sexuality always discovers new outlets, moving from the periphery and forcing its way into the mainstream.

Providing an unimaginable gateway between the tangible and intangible, non-ordinary states of consciousness have spanned the entirety of human history. This legacy of exploration into our capacity for boundlessness remains vibrant and woven into human culture — at times subversive, disguised or hidden under the surface of mainstream awareness, but exerting its influence nonetheless. Offering us an alternative framing of reality, the spectrum ranges from traditions of indigenous medicine to contemporary psychedelics, from rituals of trance and dance to taoist and yogic energy practices, and music, art and performance; not as entertainment, but rather as containers for cultivating the collective intimacy of shared experience. 

Alphachanneling’s work documents one altered state of consciousness in particular, the transcendent state of being accessible through the ecstatic gates of sex and love. Tantric expressionism captivates with the stoic beauty that eroticism affords. Perfect synchrony of humans and sex through a kaleidoscopic prism - inside and out. Mysterious corners of the soul, reserved for Freudian psychoanalysis, are brought into light as Alphachanneling dares you to gaze through the spiritual lens of desire. 

Alphachanneling’s art is autobiographical, a singular example of a personal utopian vision. Rather than to suggest this vision is universal, Alphachanneling intends the work to serve simply as an invitation to celebrate sexuality as a sacred animating force of spirit, health and vitality, in whatever way is most uniquely activating to you. The enthusiasm and sincerity fundamental to the work is a confrontation of coercive societal manipulations of sex through shame and exploitation, a reminder that confines should be questioned, challenged and explored. It presents as an audacious intersect, filled with unbound beauty and amplified into a seductive mythical universe. 

By remaining anonymous, Alphachanneling has removed identity from the equation. The separation of artist and work affords viewers the luxury of an objective view into the creator's mind. Yet the irony is we form our own constructs as we crave to know the meaning behind the art, the life of the artist and the events that brought the creativity to fruition. We substitute the unknown identity and project ourselves into the artist’s mind and work. Perhaps, this is what Alphachanneling wants.

We invite you to experience Alphachannelling’s impressive achievement and embark on the seductive journey that awaits.