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Backwoods Gallery has been recognised by MONA Museum of Old and New Art, NGA National Gallery of Australia, NGV National Gallery of Victoria, City of Yarra, City of Karratha, Lonely Planet Guide 2018, Will Smith, ASAP Ferg, A$AP, Dean Sunshine, Land of Sunshine, VNA Magazine, verynearlyalmost, Juxtapoz Magazine, Timeout, Broadsheet, ABC Television, Razzle Dazzle The Hidden Story of Camouflage documentary film, ACMI AR event Stephen Ives, Senekt, Susie Sykes,, Hi-Fructose, VICE Creators, Widewalls, Visit Victoria, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Schwartz Media, Complex Magazine, Hypebeast, Concrete Playground, Acclaim Magazine




Backwoods Gallery art has been acquired by MONA Museum of Old and New Art, NGA National Gallery of Australia, NGV National Gallery of Victoria, City of Yarra and City of Karratha.


Most recently, Backwoods Gallery has been visited by Will Smith, ASAP Ferg and more.

During his time in Australia this year, Will Smith dropped into Backwoods Gallery to meet James Reka and learn more about the thriving Melbourne arts scene.

Acclaim Magazine dropped in with Traplord and art lover ASAP Ferg to talk art, music and the mob, during Shohei Otomo's exhibition 'Ora Ora' last year.


Then and now, Backwoods Gallery artists, exhibitions and more feature regularly in the press – thank you to all who feature and follow us. Below is a selection of our most recent features.

The Human Intervention by Beastman, Bradley Eastman

Scarlet by James Reka

Ora Ora by Shohei Otomo

Facing Deconstruction by Unwell Bunny

Mirror Stage by Kim Hyunji

Equilibrium by Senekt

Self Loathing by Mic Porter

The Resistible Rise of a Bear of Little Brain by Stephen Ives

Transition by Deams

Stroke by Shun Kawakami, Jun Inoue

A Study of Erotica with Alexander Mitchell, Alpha Channeling, Anthony Lister, Ashley Wood, Kim Hyunji, Kristen Liu Wong, Senekt, Shida, Shohei Takasaki, Susanna Rose Sykes, Takeru Amano, Yone (Yasumasa Yonehara)

Bring Cash by Lush

100 Faces by TWOONE (Hiroyasu Tsuri)

Mors by Jonathan Guthmann

Brainfade by French

Spectrum by Senekt

The Mortal Drama by Yusk Imai

Wizards, Lizards and Broads by Mark Bode

Hic Svnt Dracones by ROA

A Study of Darkness with Darkness’ with Dave Kinsey, TWOONE (Hiroyasu Tsuri), Ashley Wood, Felipe Pantone Kes Acorn, Shun Kawakami, Yusk Imai, Senekt, Takeru Amanu, Shohei Takasaki, Stephen Ives, Alexander Mitchell, Nelio, Marie Joxe, Masaho Anotani, James Jirat Patradoon, Lush, Mariya Rovenko, Jonathan Guthmann, Sam Totty, Slicer, Tony Reade, Evie Cahir

Kioku by Goma

Waterworld by Fintan Magee

Stereodynamica by Felipe Pantone