Backwoods Gallery
More than a gallery


As well as being a physical place, Backwoods Gallery is a vessel for ongoing artistic and cultural creation. We create events, programs and projects in order to explore our interests, support creative endeavour and connect with our community, who are important to us. This is something we will continue to nurture and allow to grow alongside our core gallery operations. We welcome invitations to connect and collaborate through events, programs and projects that will benefit our artists, collectors and like-minded followers.


Preston Market Mural Project

Ongoing mural project with Raft Studio and Preston Markets, involving world class muralists; Beastman, Numskull & Reka, with more to follow (VIC).


Collaborative live paint performance between Jun Inoue and JPS at Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart (TAS). 


Funded by the community at Fall's Creek (VIC), TWOONE paints native flora and fauna to reflect the cultural heritage of the area.

25th Cossack art awards

City of Karratha bring Backwoods Gallery, Jun Inoue, JPS and the whole Wabi Sabi team to Cossack (WA), for a night of live painting, music and Japanese fusion for the 25th annual Cossack art awards.

Backwoods Gallery Project city of karratha Artist jun inoue

Healesville Sanctuary mural series

Legendary Belgian street artist ROA studies our native wildlife with Zoo's Victoria, painting several of the native residents throughout Healesville Sanctuary (VIC).

Charles Veryard Reserve Mural

TWOONE paints a composition of native flowers for the City of Vincent, on the club facilities at the Charles Veryard Reserve, North Perth (WA).


Mono No Aware was a live paint performance by Jun Inoue with a specially designed menu by Shingo Tochimoto (Head chef of Neko Neko & Wabi Sabi Salon) and live music by JPS.

Limited to 40 seats, this catered, sit down dinner blended music, food, and art, into an ephemeral production that aimed to establish the new contemporary expression of ‘Mono No Aware’.

The main course was served on hand painted plates by Jun Inoue & Ion Fukazawa (Mukumono), which were also given to all guests as a memento of the night.

Victoria street dreamscape

Engaged by the City of Yarra, TWOONE paints a dreamscape, depicting the buffalo and tiger, reflective of the local Vietnamese community on Victoria Street, Richmond (VIC).

Images by Dean Sunshine 

Annadale community mural

Engaged by Tract Consultants, TWOONE paints a local icon, little egret, for the newly developing community of Annadale (VIC).