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Backwoods Gallery exhibit work by artists who have a background in street art and illustration, and provide a space for artists to present their work, on their own terms, without limitations.

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PRIMITIVE MATTER by Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler (Loose Leaf)

PRIMITIVE MATTER by Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler (Loose Leaf)

Primitive Matter explores the intrinsic relationship between humans and nature and this primal connection that has endured over time. The exhibition is part of an ongoing series by the artists Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler that isolates nature from its context highlighting the interaction between natural systems and the built environment. 

Guided by the observation of natural cycles, Bae and Lawler push the limits of a material giving it new depth and meaning. The organic textures overtly present within this body of work reference topographic lines and the transformation of environments as they have adapted and evolved. Similarly, they allude to abstract landscapes that feel both familiar yet foreign. 

Bae and Lawler specialise in experiential and concept-driven art installations. They have collaborated since meeting in Germany in 2004, establishing Loose Leaf Studio in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. The artists’ work explores themes of life and death, impermanence and the human-nature relationship.


Loose Leaf is a design studio founded by Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, specialising in experiential and concept-driven installations using natural materials. Their work explores themes of life and death, impermanence, material temporality and the restorative power of nature. 

The studio’s practice is driven by the desire to observe, study and explore natural materials, celebrating their beauty in all phases and forms and creating lasting human connections to nature. Loose Leaf’s design approach is a line of botanical enquiry that draws conceptually from the structure, patterns and systems in the natural world. 

Loose Leaf’s commissions include a number of notable arts, cultural and business brands and organisations such as Heide Museum of Modern Art, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Arts Centre Melbourne, Rolex, COS, Google, Emirates, DENFAIR, Australian Open and Tourism Victoria. Their work has appeared on ABC's Gardening Australia, in The Age Spectrum, T Magazine - New York Times, Cereal, Monocle, Condé Nast Traveler, Icon Design (Italy), ELLE Décor (Spain), The Telegraph (UK), The Sunday Times (UK) and Grand Designs Australia. 

Their book ‘Loose Leaf’ was published in 2016.

Selected Public Artwork Commissions

Everlasting, Tramsheds / Sydney, Australia / 2018

Floral Cloud, Tramsheds / Sydney, Australia / 2018

LINES, Presented by Creative Victoria at Melbourne Fashion Week / Melbourne, Australia / 2018

Free Fall, FLORA Festival (Third Prize Award) / Córdoba, Spain / 2017

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Little Creatures, See You Soon Gallery / Tokyo, Japan / 2017

Monstera Chandeliers, Koskela Gallery / Sydney, Australia / 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions

Ancestor, Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards (RACV Sculpture Award) / Melbourne, Australia / 2018

Flowering Now, Collingwood Arts Precinct / Melbourne, Australia / 2018

Life After, Presented by Creative Victoria at Melbourne Fashion Week / Melbourne, Australia / 2017

Swarm Trap, Nishi Gallery / Canberra, Australia / 2016

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