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Backwoods Gallery exhibit work by artists who have a background in street art and illustration, and provide a space for artists to present their work, on their own terms, without limitations.

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DEAMS - Re:Frame

  • backwoods gallery 5/25 easey st collingwood Collingwood Australia (map)
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Position and perspective are the foundation of perception and interpretation. To frame is to draw attention to that which exists inside, or by exclusion call attention to that which exists beyond. Investigating the purpose and language of framing, Deams explores parallels between the frame as aesthetic tool and reframing as cognitive process. Employing the use of raw pigments and spectrum gradients the paintings hover on the edge of reality pulling the viewer into a world of saturated colour and energised mark making. The resulting paintings demonstrate a further refinement in his unique painting style and abstract language.


Painter, designer and abstract artist Deams has been an active and influential figure in the Melbourne contemporary art scene for well over a decade. Best known for his work as a street painter or ‘graffuturist’, his mural work is described in the artists’ own words as “… a constantly evolving conversation between energy, emotion, language and environment”. His striking public artworks often reimagine existing architecture into a surreal expression of geometric illusion, playing with the nuances of each building in a way that creates a site-specific conversation between artist and environment.

Deams has an intuitive approach to painting and process, which allows for his work to oscillate between tangible and intangible forms and realities. Best known for his mastery of geometric composition and adept use of vivid colours and gradients, his work is an evolving landscape of refined concepts and experiments connected by core themes. As an exhibiting artist Deams enquires into the nature of human experience, traversing a deeply familiar yet simultaneously mysterious landscape of the psyche.

His work has developed over time to include the presence of organic abstract forms and textures that serve to balance the rigid nature of the geometric language he has developed. This free form abstraction has evolved to push his work further into three-dimensional space resulting in a powerful display of visceral tension between chaos and order, man and environment. Deams approaches his practice with a studious dedication to his past and the immediacy of his present.

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